Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance Dogs?

Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

Today we will explore the question – are Chihuahuas high maintenance dogs?  Chihuahuas are a very popular dog breed, from Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond to Taco Bell commercials, this dog breed is highly sought after.  But are they needy and difficult to maintain?

Any dog breed can be considered high maintenance.  It’s all about the characteristics of the breed and how they match your lifestyle.  Let’s go over some specific things about the Chihuahua to see if they are right for you.

Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance?

There are some really great things about Chihuahuas.  For one, they are small dogs and don’t require a ton of exercise like a bigger breed of dog would.  They are also very loving dogs.  If you are looking for a lap dog then the Chihuahua is a great choice. 

But we are wondering about whether the Chihuahua is high maintenance.  So let’s explore some things that would be considered high maintenance to some people.

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are chihuahuas high maintenance

Chihuahuas Are Usually Cold

Being such small dogs and especially if they have a short coat, Chihuahuas tend to be cold and you will find them shaking a lot.  Especially if you live in a cold climate.  

One way to battle this is to buy a few sweaters for your dog to wear.  When you’re sitting on the couch it’s a good idea to have a blanket handy to keep them warm.  Here’s an owner favorite that will keep your tiny pup warm!

Chihuahuas Are Easy Prey

Being small dogs, Chihuahuas are easy prey to some birds.  It’s a good idea to go outside with your Chihuahua when you put them out to keep them safe.  

Other animals that might like your Chihuahua are Foxes and Coyotes.  If you live in areas where these animals are prevalent you might want to get a fence to keep them out of your yard.

Chihuahuas Can Become Attached

Chihuahuas can become very attached to their owner.  Sometimes they pick one owner as “their person”.  They will follow this person all over the house just wanting to be next to them or touching them. 

This attachment can become troublesome because when another person or animal approaches they can become aggressive thinking they need to protect their person. 

This behavior can become high maintenance when you are tripping over your dog every time you turn around or they are getting aggressive to your spouse or other friends and family when they try to get near you.

It can be comforting to have your dog on your lap and cuddling but it’s a good idea that you have boundaries.  A good trainer can help you train your Chihuahua to not be aggressive and to set those boundaries.

Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance with Feeding?

Since Chihuahuas are small dogs they don’t require a lot of food.  This is great but they are prone to hypoglycemia so it’s a good idea to feed your Chihuahua several small meals a day to keep their blood sugar from dropping.

Chihuahuas also have a tendency to easily gain weight.  Being obese in a dog is not good, just like being obese as a human.  This can lead to other health issues.  

It’s best to not feed your dog scraps from the dinner table.  People’s food can have too much fat and calories for such a small dog.  Stick to dog food and few treats to keep your little dog healthy.

Health Issues in Chihuahuas 

All dogs have a tendency to have some type of health issue.  Chihuahuas are prone to having skin or stomach problems.  They are also prone to having allergies. 

Because of these issues, there could be trips to the vet that can require medications.  With stomach problems, your dog might need to be on a special diet that would require special food.  All of this can get expensive.

One more thing to note here, Chihuahuas are small and their legs are even smaller.  They could break a leg just by jumping off the couch.  

Having steps for your dog to go up and down to get on and off furniture will really go a long way to preventing any bodily injury.  Lifting them on and off furniture or while putting them in the car will help too.

Here’s an option for steps for your pup. Easily moved around and stylish – these might make life easier for all of you!

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Summary:  Are Chihuahuas High Maintenance?

As I said in the beginning, what is high maintenance to one person may not be high maintenance to another.  The Chihuahua is a very popular breed and could be the perfect dog for you!  

If you are looking for a close companion and don’t want to have to provide a ton of exercise then the Chihuahua could be a perfect choice.

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  3. I’ve had Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes all my life. They have never had problems being cold and it can get cold here. Some can try to be a one person dog but if you still allow other people to touch and be around them daily it won’t happen. I worked for a vet and people would come in and say the dog had been a relative’s dog and they passed away and the dog didn’t like anyone else. Those dogs went home with me and I never had problems. They need dental care. And if you have one that only weighs two pounds or less, when they get ill it can be very bad very quickly. One of mine got sick, I took her to the vet, she was put on antibiotics with IV and she still passed away. I don’t think they are high maintenance but they are different and you have to learn their behavior. Don’t always carry them and let them have exercise.

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