Are Labs Good Family Pets?

lab as family pet

Last Updated on August 26, 2021

Labradors are fun-loving balls of energy. Not only are they flat-out adorable through all of their life stages, but they are also extremely smart and extraordinarily loving towards humans.  But, what about children? Are Labs good family pets?

Yes, Labs make fabulous family dogs. They love people of all ages and are easily trained. Not only that but to be quite honest, Labs are just built for partnership with humans and family life. So why are Labs good family pets? So many reasons!

Labrador Retrievers enjoy making people happy, whether it’s through working, regular obedience, or by entertaining people through their silly antics. Keep reading to see why a Lab could be your family’s next pet!

A Bit About The Labrador Breed

In order to learn more about how fit a lab is for family life, it will benefit you to learn more about where they come from. Labradors have been around for hundreds of years, being famously charismatic and loving to their owners and the rest of the family too.

The only real downside to having a Labrador is if you suffer from allergies. They are heavy shedders that fall nowhere near the hypoallergenic category. This means that if you do suffer from any pet allergies, the Labrador Retriever is probably not the right choice for you.

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History and Breed Origin

The Labrador Retriever dates back to the early 1800s, stemming from the St. John’s Dog. They have a natural retrieving instinct and a waterproof double coat that helps them through serious weather conditions, which is why they were the favorite of many hunters and fishermen of the East Coast of North America.

These Labs were so impressive that many were brought back to England. This sparked an entirely different strain of the Labrador breed, which is shorter and stockier than the American version. Since then, they have been known and loved for being just as good at being the family pet as they are working dogs.

lab as family pet

Labrador Retrievers as Family Dogs

The Labrador has been often named the most popular pet in America. Their sweet disposition and trainability make them a great addition to families or anyone looking for a best friend.

But, as much as they can be great house pets, Labradors prefer to be outside. Their heavy waterproof coat is created to be outside in all kinds of weather conditions. So, be prepared to spend lots of outdoor time with your Lab.

Are Labs Good With Kids?

Labs are typically gentle with children and are often used to help children with disabilities, and for getting over the fear of dogs in general. Like Golden Retrievers, Labradors are extremely loving dogs.

They love to be surrounded by people, especially kids. In fact, it’s often this reason that makes young families opt for a Lab as their first family pet.

Their energy level measures up to children, but they’re not aggressive. Of course, this doesn’t include accidentally knocking a child over, while chasing something. That’s just Labrador “tunnel vision”, which only service or hunting training can truly conquer.  

Labs are A Friendly, Social Breed

With the exception of working service dogs or guard dogs, Labradors LOVE people. They generally always want to be around their favorite people and love nothing more than getting their paw-rents attention.

Labradors are also very social with other animals. They can be best friends with cats, horses, and even rabbits, when well-socialized. This may not always be in your favor, as this can happen during walks.

During training, make sure that you’re also teaching your Labrador Retriever to focus and obey, instead of pulling you all over the dog park. The exception to this is when they’re trained for working. You see, working dogs like Guide Dogs or Military dogs can’t break their focus in the middle of their job, or else they wouldn’t be very much use.

Labradors are Easily Trained

Of all of the dog breeds from around the world, the Labrador is one of the most intelligent and easiest to train! They really aim to please and love working in partnership with their owners and handlers.

Training a Lab will most likely be the most difficult part of Lab ownership. With all that energy, they may be a bit stubborn, but the right training methods with some consistency will get your Lab where it needs to be.

While it doesn’t happen instantaneously, a Lab can be trained up to be the best working dog you’ve ever seen. All it takes is commitment and consistency, with some positive reinforcement mixed in there to keep your pup happy.  

With the right mindset, trainer, and methods, you could have a fully trained Lab in a year.

lab sleeping

Conclusion – Are Labs Good Family Pets?

The gentle, loving Lab is a prime choice for family life. As some of the most intelligent dog breeds, they are easily trained for whatever you need your Lab to do. They excel in many jobs, from drug detection to agility courses.

Labs are protective over kids and will do what they can to keep them out of harm’s way. And, if your children are crying, your Lab will be the first to comfort them.

As loyal members of your family, your Lab will be devoted to your family’s happiness because that’s what makes them happy! They really are the best choice for a family dog, which is why they’re the most popular pet in North America!

are labs good family pets?

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