What is The Best Dust Mop for Dog Hair?

best dust mop for dog hair

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

If you’ve got a dog, chances are you’ve encountered a bit of dog hair in your house. And depending on the breed of dog you have, it could feel like you are living in a mountain of fluffy dog hair. Cleaning dog hair can be difficult and time consuming – so what’s the best solution? I’ve got some ideas for the best dust mop for dog hair to make it a little easier!

There are several options for cleaning up dog hair. It may be a daily chore if you’ve got a long haired breed or one that sheds a lot. You can use a stick vacuum, a traditional dust mop, a newer style dust mop with disposable pads, or re-useable washable pads.

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The Best Dust Mop For Dog Hair

Since there are so many products on the market, it may take some trial and error to see what works best.

One tip I would suggest is to opt for the dry mop system when cleaning dog hair. Because you have to do it so frequently, there are several reasons you might not want to use water or cleaners every day:

  • If you have hardwood floors, it’s not recommended to saturate them with water every day
  • It’s time-consuming to use a wet mop
  • You may not want chemicals dumped on your floor every day
  • Dry dust mops are easier to use in a short amount of time

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the best dust mop for dog hair

Our top 5 choices for The Best Dust Mop for Dog Hair

What about using a broom for dog hair?

In all my years of owning a dog, I’ve never liked trying to clean up dog hair with a broom. It seems to push it around and spread out the dust and hair as opposed to cleaning it up.

It’s definitely a personal preference, but I think the microfiber and/or chenille options are the best dust mops for cleaning up dog hair.

best dust mop for dog hair

But if you don’t want to have to wash the pads, there’s always this system for cleaning dog hair that does not have washable pads. It gets pricey though once you factor in buying refills, but it does work.

And here’s a little bonus for cleaning dog hair this system is specifically designed for baseboards! Genius!!

Owning a dog means cleaning up a little more but it’s totally worth it. Even when you look around at every corner or crevice and you see dog hair, it’s ok. Those doggy kisses and puppy dog eyes make it all ok!

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the best dust mops for dog hair

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