Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

can chihuahuas be left alone

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

So you want to get a dog and you love the Chihuahua breed! Your only concern is can Chihuahuas be left alone for long periods of time? Let’s explore all the needs your little dog will need in order to be left alone and for how long.

Dogs are amazing animals. They love unconditionally and are great companions. They teach kids responsibility and about the cycle of life.

For some families, it can be tough to have a dog if both adults work all day and kids are in school and have after-school activities. Leaving your pet alone all day can be stressful for them.

Some breeds of dogs do better than others being left alone all day. Today we will discuss the Chihuahua and their needs and limitations.

And this doesn’t really apply to brand new puppies. New puppies are not equipped to stay at home alone all day. For starters, their bladder usually won’t last that long and they will have accidents. For the purpose of this article, we are mainly referencing dogs that are out of the beginning puppy stage.

Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

Chihuahuas can be left alone all day but there are some things you can and should do to make sure your little dog is comfortable and taken care of.

Not all of these things are completely necessary but if you do a few of them then your pup will be much happier and you won’t have a crazy dog on your hands when you get home.

can chihuahuas be left alone

Get Your Chihuahua a Buddy

Dogs are pack animals, they don’t generally enjoy being alone. Having another dog in the house will help ease any anxiety your dog may have as well as give him/her someone to play with when you aren’t around.

Of course, it depends on the dog. You don’t want to bring a dog home and just expect your Chihuahua to love it.

Maybe try fostering a dog for a bit to see if they are a good match. You also want to make sure you don’t have two trouble makers on your hands. Bored dogs often cause destruction.

Create a Comfortable and Safe Place For Your Dog

The next step is to make sure when you leave your dog is in a comfortable place where they cannot get into anything where they could get hurt.

Using a crate is a great idea for Chihuahuas. Crates provide a comfortable and safe place for your dog to relax while you are away.

Make sure no matter where your dog is that they have a cozy blanket where they can keep warm. Chihuahuas tend to get cold easily.

Put a couple of their favorite toys in this space as well as some hidden treats if possible. This gives them some stimulation and makes them use their brains even when you aren’t there.

Exercise Your Dog

Exercise is extremely important for all dogs, but especially so if you are leaving your pup alone all day. Luckily with a small dog like a Chihuahua exercise doesn’t require a ton of time or energy from the human.

Make sure you walk your dog before you leave for work as well as after. This will help take the edge off their energy when you leave for the day. It will also help keep them from being crazy all night after you come home.

Have Someone Check In On Your Dog

This might be a tough one for a lot of people.

If you can come home for lunch to play with your dog for a little bit that would be best, but that’s not always possible.

If you can’t come home maybe there is a neighbor who can stop by once a day or a local kid who can earn a few bucks by walking the Chihuahua once a day during work times.

Whatever you can do to break up those long hours is great!

Consider a Doggy Daycare

The right doggy daycare can be a lifesaver. It can be expensive though.

But, it’s not something you have to do every day. Often once or twice a week is enough stimulation and energy-draining for your dog.

When we both worked outside the home for long hours, we would take our dog to a doggy daycare 1-2 times per week. It was amazing for him because he got to play and then he was completely exhausted the next day.

It made us feel better since we weren’t leaving him crated most of the time and he was getting socialization.

Chihuahuas and Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and this can be a serious issue.

Signs that your dog might have separation anxiety:

  • constant barking or whining
  • pacing
  • scratching at the door
  • urinating or pooping in the house
  • destructive behavior
  • agression

If your dog shows any of these signs it might have separation anxiety.

What to do if your think your dog has separation anxiety

When your dog is a puppy, practice leaving them for short periods of time, then gradually increase that time so they get used to being alone slowly.

Make sure the space you leave them in is comforting and full of their favorite things.

Proper exercise and mental stimulation will help your dog immensely to be more relaxed when you leave.

Change up your routine! If you always do certain things when you get ready to leave the house change it up. That will help your dog from going right into a stressful zone.

It might be necessary to consult with your veterinarian if the anxiety becomes severe.

Summary: Can Chihuahuas be left alone?

The easy answer to this question is yes! Just keep in mind that you aren’t dealing with a stuffed animal. Your dog has needs that need to be met, just like humans do.

If you follow some of the steps outlined here you should have no problem leaving your dog alone for long periods of time. So go get that family pet and enjoy many years of having a wonderful, loving companion.

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