Do Chihuahuas Like to be Held?

Last Updated on September 10, 2021

Today we will explore the question, do Chihuahuas like to be held, and the proper way to hold your precious pup.

Chihuahuas are among the smallest of dog breeds and many movie stars have made it popular to carry them around in their purses. I believe they call them purse dogs. But do they really like being carried like that?

Do Chihuahuas like to be held?

Chihuahuas love to be near their owners. They actually love to be touching their owner. So it makes sense that they would love to be held.

Every dog is different, some will want to be held and others not.

If you really want to have a dog that will be okay with being held or carried around then it’s best to start early on in their life.

When you bring your puppy home start picking them up and holding them for short periods of time. Gradually increase that time.

If you want to carry your puppy around in a purse or similar carrier, you need to get them used to being held first. Holding them gives your dog a chance to get used to the feeling before sticking them into a carrier. If you don’t, you run the risk of traumatizing them and they will never want to go into it again.

The Best Way to Pick Up Your Chihuahua

The safe way to pick up a small dog is twofold. First, make sure they know what you are about to do. If you catch them off guard you run the risk of getting bitten.

Take the palm of your hand and place it under your dog, holding their chest with your fingers pointed toward their head and their hind end tucked between your elbow and torso.

Here are some don’t’s when it comes to picking up your Chihuahua:

  • Don’t pick them up by the legs. They could get a nasty stretch in the ligaments and tendons. You could also dislocate a joint by doing this.
  • Don’t pick them up by the scruff. Yes, I know that’s how mothers pick up their pups but they don’t do it for very long. You could be hurting your dog if you do this.

When not to hold your chihuahua

The first thing you need to be constantly aware of when holding your Chihuahua is their comfort. If they don’t like what you are doing they will most likely let you know. This is a good time to put them down.

All dogs need exercise. You shouldn’t hold your Chihuahua all the time. Make sure your pup gets adequate exercise to be healthy and happy.

When other dogs are around it might be your instinct to pick up your Chihuahua to protect them but don’t unless they are really in danger. They need to socialize with other dogs and people.

It’s important to get the proper training and not just pick them up out of situations. Of course, keep them safe, but with training, they can learn appropriate behaviors around other dogs.

do chihuahuas like to be held

Summary: Do Chihuahuas like to be held?

In short, yes, Chihuahuas crave the human touch and do like to be held. But they also have the need for exercise and socialization. It’s important to satisfy all of these needs in your dog for its health and happiness.

They will often have one person they gravitate to more often and may prefer to be held more by he/she than others. However, don’t be fooled by their scrappy little attitudes. Chihuahuas can be cuddly lap dogs too!

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