The Best Dog Food Storage Containers

dog food storage container

Last Updated on March 9, 2024

You’ve got a dog which means you’ve got dog food. So where is the best place to keep all that dog food? Of course it depends on the size of the bag you buy, but chances are you might be looking for dog food storage containers.

The best dog food storage containers need to seal properly, keep out moisture and pests, as well as keep your dog’s food fresh. This can range from plastic to metal containers and they come in all shapes and sizes to give you plenty of options. There are also various designs to fit your decor if you like!

So let’s get started on the best ones for your pups!

Do I Even Need a Storage Container for Dog Food?

No – you don’t have to have something specific to keep your dog food in. However, it does have benefits that are great for you and your dog.

  • Storage containers keep the dog food fresh – yes, even dog food can get stale
  • Containers seal which can keep out pests – this is particularly helpful if you keep the food in a garage where mice might be a problem.
  • Dog food containers can keep mischievous pets and kids out of the food

Dog Food Storage Containers for Small Dogs

Small dogs eat less food, so naturally, they won’t need as big of a container for food storage as larger dogs. In our case, our tiny Clark weighs 5 pounds and doesn’t consume much food. A tiny bag goes a long way for us so we don’t need a large container.

However, I do still want to make sure his food stays fresh. Here are a few of my favorite smaller containers.

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Dog Food Containers for Small Dogs

Dog Food Containers for Small Dogs

But maybe you have a larger dog or multiple dogs and you end up buying bigger bags of food? You need food storage containers that will hold enough and keep the food fresh.

Dog Food Storage Containers for Large Dogs or Multiple Dogs

And here are even more dog food container ideas!

Hopefully, this helps with a solution for storing your dog’s food to keep it as fresh as possible. We all want the best for our dog babies and that includes feeding them meals they love and that keep them healthy!

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