Why Does My Dog Lick Me After the Shower?

why does my dog lick me after the shower

Last Updated on February 17, 2021

Why does my dog lick me after the shower? You might have noticed a few odd behaviors like this one with your canine babies. It seems weird to us, but there are few reasons that your dog wants to lick your freshly showered legs and feet.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me After The Shower?

There are a couple of explanations as to why your dog is licking you after the shower. They might like the smell or the taste of your clean legs and feet or your lotion. They might be thirsty or they could even be grooming you. Licking you after the shower may also be a natural pack behavior also.

Dogs like to lick. Sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it just seems annoying or strange and even bothersome. So let’s get into the reasons your dog may be licking you, particularly after you shower.

1. The Smell or Taste of Your Legs/Feet

Your dog is naturally attracted to smells. If you’re using scented soaps or lotions, this may intrigue your dog’s natural instincts to check out the smell. This leads to licking to discover more about the smell.

The same reason applies when they lick you when you’re sweaty. Dogs explore by licking.

Is it bad to let your dog lick your legs or feet after showering?

If you are using lotion, especially heavily scented lotions, it’s best to discourage your dog from licking you. Lotions can contain chemicals that aren’t good if ingested by your dog. Excessive licking of your legs or feet after a shower can mean that your dog is licking off all the lotion you just applied.

If they are just licking the water and it doesn’t bother you, then sure.

2. Is Your Dog Thirsty?

This sounds so simple it can’t possibly be true. Is your dog licking the water off your legs after the shower because he or she is thirsty? Or are they licking the bottom of the shower for excess water?

Do they have access to clean water all the time? I know it sounds crazy, but it could be the reason they are so excited to lick the water.

dog in shower

3. They Want Attention and Rewards

Your dog may be licking you after the shower because they want attention or you have rewarded that behavior in the past.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but did you reach down and pet your dog or pick them up and snuggle them after they were licking your legs? If you gave what seems like a reward, this shows your dog that you like that behavior and will give them all the lovies for it.

4. Your Dog Is Grooming You

Have you noticed when your dogs come inside from being outdoors, they often lick themselves, especially their paws? They may be doing the same to you by licking you after you get out of the shower.

It can be their version of grooming you. They are licking you clean (sounds silly since you just got clean, but they don’t know that).

5. Your Dog is Mimicking Pack or Instinct Behavior

Dogs are naturally pack animals. They may have experienced licking behavior from a mother or part of a pack. Licking makes them feel good happy feelings by releasing endorphins (happy hormones).

By licking you after a shower, they could be going totally on instinctual behavior.

I Don’t Want My Dog to Lick Me After the Shower

The easiest and most simple solution is not allow them in the bathroom with you when you’re showering. This definitely doesn’t fix the problem, but it keeps it from happening.

If you want more of a fix for the behavior, you need to retrain them.

  • Do not reward the behavior by petting or giving attention
  • Redirect them/correct them
  • Try the treat method – correct them and when they do what you want, give a treat
  • Encourage the good behavior – if they are sitting patiently instead of licking, give them lovies and show them that’s the behavior you’re looking for
  • Repeat over and over until they have mastered it
  • Have patience and remember that if you’ve somehow encouraged that behavior in the past, it may be confusing at first to your dog that you no longer allow it.

Just because your dog licks you after the shower doesn’t mean they have some strange issue. Our dog babies have so many curious behaviors that we may not fully understand.

It’s up to you whether they continue the behavior. Remember, your dog wants your love and affection and they will do pretty much anything to get it.

And for other behaviors like sleeping at your feet, check out this post to find out why your dog likes to sleep at your feet!

why does my dog lick me after the shower

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