Why Does My Dog Stare at Me While Pooping?

why does my dog stare at me while pooping

Last Updated on February 24, 2021

Why does my dog stare at me while pooping? If you’ve got a dog, this question has likely popped into your head. Is it territorial? Does he want you to be on the lookout? Is he embarrassed—should you look away?

I’ll give you a hint—it’s not out of shame.  It’s all part of that famous pack mentality that dogs are so known and loved for. In other words, their need for social bonds and trust. Keep reading to learn more about why your dog stares at you while pooping.

You’ve likely noticed that your dog is almost always looking at you. But, staring at you while pooping just doesn’t feel the same as when he stares lovingly into your eyes. Actually, it can feel a bit awkward.

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Is Staring A Territorial Behavior in Dogs?

Especially in a more aggressive dog, staring can be a sign of a challenge or territorial nature. In fact, most trainers recommend that you don’t stare at your dog, or any dog for that matter because they do see it as a threat or challenge.

However, when nature calls, it’s a much different story. When your dog is pooping, he’s not challenging you, but rather thanking you. This is a dog’s most defenseless time, so logically, they wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to poop if they didn’t feel safe.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me While Pooping?

There are three main reasons why your dog is staring at you when he’s pooping. In most cases, it comes down to their need for security and pack mentality, which stems from their wolf ancestors.

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Here are the top 3 reasons why your dog stares at you while pooping.

To Feel Safer

Your dog is defenseless when pooping and peeing. So, when he’s looking at you at this time, he’s making sure that you’re on the lookout should anything happen. The pooping position is a vulnerable one and allows access for predators.

This is also why your dog follows you to the bathroom and stares at you while you’re in there. Like a good dog, he wants to make sure you’re always safe.

Love and Trust:

Your dog loves you and trusts you with his life. So, when he’s staring at you while doing his business, he’s showing you that he trusts you very much. It’s a way of saying, “thanks for having my back.”

This is also a sign that your dog feels comfortable with you being around, even at his most susceptible time. While odd, it’s a nice feeling to know that your dog is so comfortable being with you.


No, this doesn’t mean that your dog is afraid of you. It likely means that he wants you to stay put like he’s telling you to sit and stay. He knows he’s in a vulnerable position and he’s relying on you, his pack member, to keep an eye out for any potential danger.

Especially in pups with separation anxiety, giving you the side-eye while pooping can simply mean that he’s making sure you won’t go anywhere. As a social animal, he relies on his pack member, aka you, to help keep him safe from harm.

Should I Look Away If My Dog Stares At Me While Pooping?

Honestly, dogs don’t care whether you look back at them or not, while they’re pooping. As long as you remain in a calm state, they don’t mind either way.

They’re really looking at your face but at your body language. If you start to feel awkward, your body shows it, which can be mistaken by your pup for a threat.

So, if it makes you uncomfortable, then it is probably best to look away. It may even make them feel better if you look around, acting as if you’re scouting for threats.

Do All Dogs Stare At Their Owners While Pooping?

It’s very common, but no, not all dogs will stare while pooping. In fact, many dogs prefer to be hidden “when nature calls”, whether it’s in the garden or in the forest.

Dogs have pretty odd patterns when it comes to peeing and pooping. Some prefer to be hidden, while others will go right in the middle of the road for everyone to see.

Overall, it depends on the dog, the options provided to them, and their own confidence level.  A submissive dog is more likely to hide than an alpha dog. 


Of all the weird things that dogs do, staring at you while pooping is right at the top of the list. Now, when your dog stares at you when nature calls, you can rest assured that it’s not because of territorial behavior or embarrassment.

When your dog is staring at you while pooping, it’s all about that need for your bond and their trust in you to keep them safe. It may make some people feel uncomfortable but being the pack leader is important.

Your dog is relying on you to keep watch during one of the only times he can’t. After all, he does it all day for you, so remaining calm is the least you can do.

And now you know the answer to one of the quirkier behaviors of our furry babies!

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