Why Is My Puppy Still Peeing In The House?

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting and fun times a person can have! One of the most challenging puppy related tasks however, is potty training. As soon as you think your puppy is getting it, he’s peeing in the house again. What is happening?? Why is my puppy still peeing in the house?

Potty training a puppy can be exhausting. As soon as you think he finally understands that he is to potty outside, you find a urine spot on your living room rug. If your puppy is still peeing in the house, it could be due to a variety of reasons including he’s still a tiny puppy and it takes time, he doesn’t have a routine, or he’s not given enough chances to pee outside.

So – let’s help you. And I know. It’s frustrating and seems like it’ll never end. You’ve got rug cleaner and floor cleaner on stand by and you feel like it’s a constant battle. I promise – it gets easier.

Why Is My Puppy Still Peeing in the House?

Helpful Puppy Potty Training Tips

Starting Out

First, it is best to start with the basics. Take your puppy out very frequently. The bladder of a puppy is tiny! Puppies drink a lot and then pee a lot, it’s what they do.

Any time your puppy has a big drink, be ready to take him out within the next 5-10 minutes to avoid an accident in the house. The same goes for any time he eats a meal or treats; take him out soon after he finishes his meal.

Also, anytime you finish a play session or training session – take them out immediately. Give them every opportunity to get it right.

Positive Reinforcement Can Help Decrease Puppies Peeing in the House

One of the best ways to train your puppy that he is to urinate outside is with positive reinforcement. Anytime he urinates outside, give him a treat!!

Not food motivated? Give him his favorite toy and have a short round of playtime.

You never want to fuss, spank or get onto your puppy too much for urinating in the house. He is a baby and still learning. He doesn’t know what he did was wrong.

And super important: You cannot punish a puppy for peeing in the house after it’s already happened and you didn’t witness it. If you punish a puppy for that, he will have no idea what you’re doing. To him, you just walked up to him out of the blue and punished him. He won’t think “oh yeah, that’s for me peeing in the house four hours ago”.

By always giving a reward for pottying outside, he will learn going outside to do his business is a positive thing. Instead of being fearful, he will want to please you and also get the treat.

Crate Related Training

Some people elect to crate train their puppy. This translates to keeping the puppy in a crate while the owner is away or at night.

Any time you take the puppy out of the crate and before you put him in, take him out to potty. This will prevent accidents from occurring in the crate. 

As mentioned earlier, be sure to take your puppy out frequently even though he is in his crate. He will likely need to potty during the night so if he wakes you up, take him out immediately. Repetition is important in potty training a new puppy.

If your puppy urinates in his crate, that usually means he was unable to hold his bladder for the amount of time he was in his crate.  Some people choose to purchase a large crate with enough room for two sections: one side for hanging out, one side with a potty pad to do their business. 

Be sure to monitor the puppy with the potty pad in the crate to ensure he does not consume it. 

why is my puppy still peeing in the house?  Tips to help

Check out this post for more tips and tricks for crate training your dog at night.

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Designated Indoor Potty Areas

Many people work long hours away from home which does not allow time for running home to let the puppy out. You may be gone for 8 hours but don’t forget that a new puppy cannot be expected to hold it for that long.

In this situation, it may be a good idea to look for options that allow your puppy to potty in the house in a manner that won’t upset you.

They make all sorts of indoor potty options for dogs these days. There are artificial turf options, real grass options, and even just potty pads you can dispose of. There is no right or wrong option, you just need to choose what works best for you and your puppy.

Shop Potty Pads and Artificial Turf Here

Once you have selected your indoor potty option, use the positive reinforcement technique to teach your dog it is okay to potty inside on that spot specifically. If you see him circling on the carpet like he is looking for a good spot to potty, pick him up, place him on the indoor option, let him potty and give him a treat.

An alternative is hiring a pet sitter to come let the puppy out during the day until they are old enough to stay alone.


Some puppies take to potty training very well and very easily. Others need a longer time to be taught.  Then there are the ones that do great for a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden, your puppy is peeing in the house again.

Why is my puppy peeing in the house all of a sudden again?

If this occurs with your puppy, be patient.  All you need to do is go back to the basics and retrain him to potty outside.  Just start at the beginning and he will soon remember he is to potty outside.

Also, it’s not uncommon when puppy potty training for you to take them out for a long period of time – playing, running, whatever it may be. They come inside and promptly pee on your floor. It happens to everyone and it’s ok. It won’t last forever.

Who should help with potty training the puppy?

If you have multiple people in your family, it is best to take turns taking the puppy outside to potty.  If the same person always takes him out and only that person, some dogs begin to think that is the only person that can help them out.

Sometimes parents choose to have their kids take the puppy outside to teach their child responsibility.  However, don’t let your kid be the only one who takes the puppy out. If your kiddo is at school or at a friend’s house, the puppy might believe he has to potty in the house since no one will take him out.

By having a variety of people taking the puppy out, he will learn that everyone in the house can let him outside to do his business.

Watch for his cues – if he’s going to the door, make sure someone is paying attention to decrease the chances that he will pee in the house.

Medical Reasons Puppies Keep Peeing in the House

Then there can be a medical reason your puppy is still peeing in the house. While rare, your puppy can have diabetes and need medication to be able to control his water intake and passage.

Also rare but possible, your puppy could be born with an anatomical defect that requires veterinary assistance for correction.

If you’re concerned or unsure – always check with your vet.

Bonus Tip for Potty Training

And here’s a helpful tip that can decrease the number of times your puppy pees inside.

Take Up the Rugs

Yep – I know the area rugs are gorgeous and you love them. They’re soft and feel good on your feet.

Do you know what else they feel like to your puppy? The soft grass they are used to peeing on. If you have mainly hardwood floors and also rugs to cover them, your puppy will quickly figure out he can get a good grip on the carpet and do his business.

It’s not fun, but just for a few months, take up the rugs and it will decrease your frustration when accidents do happen. It’s a lot easier to clean up pee from bare floors than carpets.

While getting a puppy addition to the family is exciting, it comes with its challenges.  Halfway through the process, many people ask themselves the question of why is my puppy still peeing in the house?!  You might even ask yourself daily!

Hang in there new puppy moms and dads! You are not alone and while it is exhausting, just keep it up!

There are a variety of ways to help your puppy learn to not pee in the house.  Do what works for you and your puppy.  Be sure to make the experience positive for your puppy and he will learn peeing outside is rewarding for everyone involved.

And for even more info – check this out for more tips on getting a new puppy and this one for new puppy essentials!

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